New Market for the Jr. Cherry Pitter: Breweries

The Jr. Pitter concept from last year really stirred interest in the brewery market.
Tröegs Brewing Company is the first to have one of these smaller cherry pitters. They are an independent brewing company out of Hershey, PA.

Update on Aluminum Cast Cylinder Supplier

We now have a new aluminum cast cylinder supplier.
We thank you for your patience while waiting for the new supplier.

Dunkley International is now proud to offer cylinders made from cast nylon material

NEW MATERIAL: Changing from cast aluminum to cast nylon you can see immediate benefits:

  • No oxidation of the cylinder
  • No issues with wash down
  • Immediate decrease in weight of cylinder assembly (roughly half the weight)
  • Reduce effects of needles deflecting and contacting through holes in cylinders
  • The nylon material is FDA approved
  • Both materials act similar when machining and when in its application
  • Changing to nylon gives our customers another option outside of the aluminum

Machine Vision Integration

  • High speed fastener sorting/inspection machinery
  • Vision inspection systems with 100% accuracy
  • Capable of sorting up to 10,000 parts per minute (depending on amount of attributes to be inspected)
  • High speed scanning and air ejection in milliseconds
  • Project evaluation and individually designed software
  • General purpose solutions also available

Fruit Processing Equipment

  • Dunkley Blueberry Destemmer
  • Dunkley Cherry Destemmer
  • Dunkley Fruit Sizer
  • Dunkley Fruit Container Filler / Weigher
  • Dunkley Cherry Pitter
  • Dunkley Fruit Piercer: Cherry Pit Removal & Cranberry Piercer in One!

Quality control for food inspection, capsule inspection, circuit board inspection and more!


Product Showcase

Dunkley International Inc. researches, designs, manufactures, and distributes fresh fruit processing equipment as well as a high speed sorting & inspection machines, for use in various environments including automotive, medical, electronics settings, and provides related services that support organizations and individuals all over the world