Up to 10,000 Parts per Minute!

Click here for a look at the updates made to the Mach 10!

High Speed Inspection for the High Volume Fastener Manufacturer of Threaded Parts, Washers, Etc.

This sleek new unit has the same DNA as our successful Mach-9.

We have improved it with:

  • Updated components
  • Lighting system
  • Camera Lensing
  • Updated design


  • Mixed, damaged or out of tolerance parts are rejected automatically, without human intervention
  • Inspection rates up to 10,000 parts/min. Based on components & attributed inspection.
  • Easy Setup
  • Inspection parameters by part number are saved and stored in the machine’s computer memory for immediate recall and setup.
  • Inspection data can be archived on the machine’s PC or sent to a central server for process and quality control analysis.

Click here: to watch a Mach 10 vision inspection system run!

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Third Party Sorting

Examples of parts sorted

3rdparty sorted
Dunkley International offers 3rd party optical sorting services. Customers who have used our services in the past operate mainly in the Fastener industry